YD25 Early and Late Cylinder Head Differences

19/03/2018 10:00PM

YD25 Early and Late Cylinder Head Differences

The Nissan YD25 engine has two variances in the cylinder heads. The original YD25 Engine was introduced in 2002 in the Navara. A few years later is was used in the Pathfinder (2005).This is generally referred to at the Early YD25 cylinder head - it is easily identified by the 4 inlet ports. In 2010 Nissan released a different YD25 Head - the easily identifiable feature being the 8 inlet ports - There is also a 5XO cast onto the head. This 8 port head is refereed to as the Late YD25 Head or a YD25 5XO.

Nissan did not stop using the early head with the introduction of the late (8 port) head. To avoid ordering the wrong head for your vehicle it is best to have a quick look at the original head you are replacing. This will save time and freight cost for you. 


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